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CBD Oil Affiliate Marketing Program

Trusted CBD Oil is a one-stop shop solution for all the top hemp brands. We supply all the best CBD extract products under in an easy to use online marketplace. Customers can browse through our collection of 50+ products from the most popular CBD brands around the country.

Our focus is on providing high quality, lab tested hemp products. We have handpicked all of the best CBD products from the leading manufacturers.

We aren’t marketing our own product line in the sea of thousands. Instead, we offer an experience where customers can mix and match products from CBD brands that are already heavily marketed and trusted in this industry. These products have a large customer base, but consumers like to research these products before purchasing. By creating content on your website that talks about these hot keyword brand names, you’re tapping into a guaranteed large audience.

Our affiliate marketing program allows you to earn recurring revenue by simply sending a customer to our site. If they make a purchase, we will pay you a percentage of the sale (10%-30%), it’s that easy!

Why Choose Trusted CBD Oil?

However you choose to market, be it blogging, landing pages, or display ads, our setup presents a lot of opportunity to you.

  • Endless Possibilities: Our expansive product catalog means you can easily add content by reviewing brands that are already highly reputable, or targeting specific hot keywords related to CBD drops, edibles, vapes, capsules, gum, topicals, etc.
  • Commission: The Trusted CBD Oil Affiliate Program pays monthly via check so that processing fees aren’t part of the equation. Margins are different from brand-to-brand; in order to give you the best commission possible, we have custom margins per product. The range is 10-30%, with most products sitting at 15 or 25%.
  • Affiliate Catalog: Sometimes having a visual is invaluable. That’s why we made a catalog that shows all our products, with helpful links and your commission amount clearly displayed. Once you become an affiliate, you will receive access to the catalog.
  • Affiliate Updates: You can join our affiliate newsletter to receive notifications when we make changes to our product offerings, margins, etc. These infrequent updates keep you informed of new opportunities within our CBD affiliate program.

Customer Experience

Once you get a customer to our website, they’ll be met with unique content to keep them interested and instill trust.

  • Customer Support: If you lead someone to our site and they reach out to us with questions, we’ll get back to them promptly. 
  • Save: Customers save on time and money when ordering from Trusted CBD Oil, because they can mix and match their favorite brands. Our prices are the same and shipping is free over $60.

Let’s Get Started

Sign up today to immediately start making 10-30% commission in this rapidly growing, niche market. If you’re already writing about cannabis, hemp and/or CBD, this is a great opportunity to turn that knowledge and great content into profit.

How it Works

  1. Sign up as an affiliate.
  2. Once we approve your affiliate status, we’ll send you a welcome email with links to the Affiliate Dashboard and Catalog.
  3. Generate a custom, pretty URL that you can use to hyperlink text and images, or add re-directs.
  4. Download graphics from our banner library, or create your own.
  5. Set up links, banners, CTAs, etc. on your website to bring people to our homepage or a specific page. In your affiliate dashboard, you can generate links to any of our pages.
  6. Make commissions.

Partner with Us

Make 10-30% Margins

Signing up takes 2 minutes. We’ll review your application; once approved, you’ll be granted access to the dashboard.