Best CBD Oil for Pain

*Updated October 2019* Many solutions exist for dealing with pain, but they usually come with a slew of unfavorable side effects that make them unappealing to some people. Prescription medications used to treat pain are often costly and pose a great risk for chemical dependency when taken long term. Other methods, like topical solutions or […]

The 4 Best CBD Hemp Oil Products for Sleep

*Updated August 2019* Best Shop for CBD products Trusted CBD Oil is the best place to shop for CBD products. Everything is sourced from the top manufacturers with lab tests to back up claims. Our passion is to be the number one resource for the best CBD hemp products on the market today. Save time […]

Is CBD Oil Legal in Texas?

CBD oil is taking the health and beauty world by storm, delivering a powerful, prescription free option for internal pain to topical blemishes. However, many people are unsure of the laws and effects surrounding cannabis. Is CBD oil legal in Texas now? There’s a lot of clashing misinformation out there on this topic, so finding a […]