CBD for Athletes: My Personal Story of Opioid Addiction

*Updated August 2019* Brief History of Hemp Nearly 10,000 years ago, at the dawn of the agricultural revolution, hemp was first cultivated by a civilization in what is now Taiwan.  Carl Sagan, in 1977, proposed the possibility that marijuana may have actually been the world’s first agricultural crop, leading to the development of civilization itself. […]

The 4 Best CBD Hemp Oil Products for Sleep

*Updated August 2019* Best Shop for CBD products Trusted CBD Oil is the best place to shop for CBD products. Everything is sourced from the top manufacturers with lab tests to back up claims. Our passion is to be the number one resource for the best CBD hemp products on the market today. Save time […]

CBD Oil as a Digestive Aid

What is Hemp? Hemp is one of the most versatile plants on the planet. History shows that we have been using the plant for the past 10,000 years. Did you know that the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper? Hemp has gotten a bad rep due to its association with its cousin Marijuana […]

CBD for Burning Fat

What is CBD? CBD is a short term for cannabidiol, an essential component of medical marijuana. It is extracted directly from the Hemp plant, which is a close relative of the marijuana plant. The main difference is with hemp, you won’t get a “high” or enter a mind-altering state. CBD does not change a person’s […]

Why People are Adding CBD Isolate to Marijuana

*Updates August 2019* Not everyone likes getting high. Even less people enjoy the panic attacks, laziness and munchies that often come with it. We all experience highs a little differently, so whatever your personal reason, if you’re looking to get the benefits of marijuana without as strong of a high —read onward, friend. But first, […]

CBD Hemp Oil Concentrates Review and Coupon

*Updated August 2019*   My name is Greg and I’m a typical married man in his twenties. I have been diagnosed with several common mental illnesses, including generalized anxiety disorder and clinical depression. The impact of these disorders on my day-to-day life is relatively minuscule. This wasn’t always the case. I’ve always been a skeptic […]

CBD Oil Edibles in a Bid for Pain Relief

*Updated August 2019* Like a photo bomber can ruin a vacation memory, so can an ache spoil a fun occasion.  Whether it’s intermittent and sharp, or a constantly nagging twinge, all types of pain have something in common. They can greatly diminish a person’s quality of life. In an effort to save your sanity and […]

A Better Natural Remedy for Psoriasis

*Updated August 2019* Psoriasis evokes many feelings.  There is that feeling of the person behind you in the checkout line burning a hole into your back, staring at your flare-up.  Then there is the feeling of insufferable heat as you wear long sleeves during the height of summer just to spare the rest of the […]

CBD To Help Counter THC Edibles

CBD is known for its many therapeutic uses. In addition, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high. In fact, CBD can counteract the intoxicating effect of THC in products such as edibles. How so? Read on! *Updated August 2019* Hemp vs. Marijuana The entire family of cannabis has been almost completely illegal since […]