CBD for Singers, Musicians and Performers

*Updated July 2019* Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) is a sproutly, fibrous, and robust plant which humans have cultivated since the dawn of the agricultural era, dating nearly 10,000 years back. Natively it is found in the northern hemisphere, but its use in agriculture has spread across almost every continent. It grows extremely fast and produces strong […]

CBD For Epilepsy: Gwen’s Story

Today, Gwen, is a different girl. At 7 years old, she suffers from severe epilepsy and would experience 40-50 seizures a day, ranging from tonic to myoclonic. That was until her parents, as a last ditch effort to afford their daughter a chance at life, tried treating her condition with CBD. Seizures “It was absolutely […]

CBD for Anxiety and Benzodiazapene Alternative

CBD for Anxiety I have long sought holistic, organic, and herbal treatments for my anxiety. It wasn’t until adding CBD to my treatment regime that I truly felt that I had control over my mind and body. I have dealt with anxiety my whole life. The dictionary defines anxiety as a feeling of worry, nervousness, […]

Plus CBD Oil Review & Coupon

A unique property of CBD is its ability to be applied both topically and consumed orally. Oil tinctures and capsules allow users to promote overall mental, immune, and digestive health. CBD topicals, on the other hand, allow users to target their pain and spot treat where they need cannabidiol’s fighting power the most. While some […]

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and CBD Isolate Explained

There are seemingly a countless number of CBD products available to purchase. Admittedly the journey of buying CBD products for the first time can be a confusing process. And with a booming market, there seems to be an equally diverse range of terminology. With many terms to classify the various products and their effects. Examples […]

CBD for Dementia: My Uncle’s Story

There are few things as difficult as seeing a loved one slowly fade to dementia. Their mind seems to depart to a realm that not even they can understand, a place where tangled and fragmented memories hold on to their ever fraying tethers. There’s a scene in the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” […]

Senior Citizens Are Flocking To CBD: Here’s Why!

Senior citizens account for 13% of the US population, but did you know that as of 2010, they represented over 34% ​of the prescription drug market? With over reliance on prescription drugs,it is no wonder they’re ditching their daily cocktails and looking towards CBD as a treatment option. Especially when their medications are not living […]

CBD for Drummers

I’m not sure how I ended up playing in a jam band. I had dedicated the first 6 years of my life as a session player in New Orleans – and would eventually find my way, through absolute chance, into a jam band. Which would essentially take over my life for the next 10 years. […]

CBD As Hangover Remedy

CBD For Hangovers I could swear my phone is listening to me. We were comparing hangovers on the morning following a night of party bus debauchery. It was then when I parted from the conversation to go tend to a rather abrupt gastrointestinal disturbance. Of course, when I opened Instagram whilst on the bathroom toilet, […]

CBD for Athletes: My Personal Story of Opioid Addiction

Brief History of Hemp Nearly 10,000 years ago, at the dawn of the agricultural revolution, hemp was first cultivated by a civilization in what is now Taiwan.  Carl Sagan, in 1977, proposed the possibility that marijuana may have actually been the world’s first agricultural crop, leading to the development of civilization itself. Around 6000 bc, […]