The ABC’s of Vaping CBD

There's been no shortage of talk in medical circles and amongst health aficionados regarding a compound dubbed “CBD.”  Consumers used to get their share via tinctures, capsules and creams until the introduction of CBD vape pens. Now, you can buy CBD vape oil and join in on this newest rage. To introduce you to this [...]

Charlotte’s Web Vape Pen 2018

 Inhaling delicious vape clouds has become a popular way to get a daily serving of CBD and Charlotte’s Web Vape Pen used to satisfy that demand.  Ever since the product’s unavailability, users have had to improvise in order to get their fix.   While CBD products run the gamut from topical creams to delectable chocolates, [...]

Is CBD Legal in Mississippi?

Is CBD Legal in Mississippi & Hemp Health Benefits CBD oil has become increasingly popular, especially in the health and beauty market. However, it sometimes gets a bad reputation by those who don’t quite understand CBD oil and all it has to offer. No worries, though, because we are here to clear up any confusion [...]

5 Reasons to Try CBD Edibles for Anxiety

We all encounter hardships—whether it’s work, financial struggles, or family issues—no one is exempt from feeling anxious at least once in their lives.  It’s perfectly normal and even warranted to feel worried, panicked, or stressed.  What occurs in our external environment may illicit an internal response, either with a gradual or sudden onset.  Generally, such [...]

Is CBD Legal in Massachusetts?

CBD has been in the news quite a bit lately. Some tout it as the biggest breakthrough in natural health solutions, while others are feeling left in the dark about what CBD actually is and the legality of CBD in Massachusetts or throughout the United States.   What is CBD? Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, […]

Status of Marijuana and CBD Oil in Nevada

CBD, the three little letters that continue to make quite a buzz across the USA. In case you’re unfamiliar, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which grows naturally in hemp plants. Studies have been underway for years, yet the potential healing and industrial power from this plant are just beginning to be unlocked. It differs from THC […]

Is CBD Legal in California?

In a world where medicinal marijuana is all the rage, another contender has been earning fame for its beneficial effects on the human body, namely CBD (Cannabidiol).  While both compounds come from the same Cannabis plant, each has distinct properties that create a marked difference. Whereas medical marijuana is a well-known psychoactive drug legally obtainable […]

CBD Oil for Cats: The Good and Bad

The problem with most CBD oil for cat supplements on the market is they’re designed generically for “pets.” This can be a big problem for some of our feline friends. If you’re a lucky owner of a cat and dog, then let’s entertain the idea that, at some point, you’ve wondered if you could just […]

CBD Oil Ohio Legality

There's a long list of laws and penalties on marijuana possession, distribution and cultivation. First offenses are mostly just tacked with a $200 fine, but penalties become more severe the second time around. However, if you're looking for CBD oil in Ohio, there are important things to consider. What these laws don’t specifically talk about [...]

Hemp and CBD Oil Indiana Laws

CBD oil in Indiana has gone through a lot of debate over the past year. In 2017, police wrongly cracked down on stores selling CBD, on more than one occasion. Each time these out of the blue raids happened, local and national groups were quick to make sure CBD sellers knew their rights. The confusion […]