Top 8 CBD Oil Products

Hello and welcome to, your safe source for CBD education, science and products. We collaborate with the best CBD manufacturers to provide you with all of the best, guaranteed lab-tested products on the market. If something doesn’t test well (in the lab or by our hemp experts), we do not carry it. It’s as […]

Why You Should Consider CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

Have you ever considered giving CBD oil to your dog? The fact that CBD hemp oil is beneficial for our overall health and wellness is no secret. Every major news outlet has shared stories about the various CBD benefits, ranging from children with seizures to harrowingly-diagnosed cancer patients. What you rarely read or hear about is that […]

Can CBD Oil Get you High?

Hemp has very, very low amounts of THC, if any. Instead, it is abundant in CBD and sometimes CBDa. Those two compounds are completely non-psychoactive but have been studied for many amazing wellness benefits.