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*Updated August 2019*

Brief History of Hemp

Nearly 10,000 years ago, at the dawn of the agricultural revolution, hemp was first cultivated by a civilization in what is now Taiwan. 

Carl Sagan, in 1977, proposed the possibility that marijuana may have actually been the world’s first agricultural crop, leading to the development of civilization itself.

Around 6000 bc, the Chinese began using it as cooking oil and by 4000 bc, it’s use had spread to the middle east. However, its use as medication wasn’t until 2700 bc when the great Emperor Shen Neng of China used it to treat chronic pain.

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CBD Oil at a Glance

CBD produces no psychoactive effects (meaning it won’t get you “high” or “stoned.”). However, thousands of years of medicinal CBD Oil usage and extensive modern research have shown its potential as a powerful treatment for pain, sleeplessness, appetite suppression, nausea, and even seizures (and more).

The CBD market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with many dedicated, organic hemp farmers and CBD producers leading the charge. TrustedCBDOil.com provides a variety of the best CBD products available from trusted sources. 

They also have risk-free money back guarantee, which means if the CBD doesn’t work, you can get your money back.

Here is my story.

The End of My Football Career

Growing up, sports were my life. I was never the most naturally gifted athlete, however, my love, dedication, and work ethic allowed me to rise to the top in high school on through college. 

It was during the summer training camp of my junior year of football at a small college in the midwest. I suffered an injury that would change the course of my life.

It was during a padless, low impact blocking drill, one that I had done thousands of times before. The ball was hiked and I, a 245lb guard, pulled back for a counter trap play and slipped. My teammate and good friend, who was the opposing defensive lineman, slipped through the line and fell on top of me.

At this point, 290 lbs of his body mass came down upon me as I fell onto my side when I heard the soul-destroying “pop” sound, so often associated with the end of one’s athletic career.

My shoulder and arm were completely numb and the adrenaline kicked in. I staggered up and began to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. A dark red splotch of blood began to well up from my left shoulder.

“Coach… I think something is wrong with my shoulder.”

I couldn’t move my arm at all and slowly the searing pain of my injury began to throb with the intensity of a swollen geothermal magma chamber. My jersey was cut off to reveal that my clavicle was shattered to the point of it literally sticking out through my skin. I would end up blacking out from the pain.

I came to consciousness while awaiting the ambulance. My friend and teammate walked into the medical tent and handed me an orange sorbet popsicle, while profusely apologizing. I certainly wasn’t mad at him. We both made mistakes during that play. I had yet to realize that that play would be the last of my football career.

man wearing white football jersey sitting on grass field

Opioid Addiction – The Beginning

Fast forward six months to December. My clavicle had “healed” after two surgeries and three months of wearing a butterfly brace but the pain was still unbearably intense. It was the 2nd game of our divisional playoffs (which we would unfortunately lose) and I was almost unable to attend due to the pain.

However, I took nearly a double dose of my prescribed oxycontin and was able to endure watching from the sidelines, although I don’t remember much. I was in such of a dazed stupor, at one point I began to nod off during the game. The offensive coordinator tapped me on the knee to wake me up.

“Hey. You there, son?”

As I opened my eyes and slurred out an apology. He just paused and looked at me for a while in observation of my pitiful position.

“You’re gonna be alright.” He said. I wish I could have believed him at that time

Opioid Dependency: A Downward Spiral

Fast forward two more years. My opioid prescription became a full-on dependency. I was unable to return for my final year of football. I went from acing every class to hardly passing. My 250 pounds of muscle turned into 270 pounds of fat.

My identity had gone from a respected, intelligent, and promising football player, with hopes of teaching high school science and coaching, to a lifeless addict.

During my 6th year of college, I was accused of being intoxicated in the classroom, so I dropped out of college and moved back home. It was a knife to the heart which I impulsively remedied with even more and more opioids, eventually adding alcohol to the mix. 

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Rock Bottom

I don’t actually remember the suicide attempt. I had blacked out and apparently jumped from my dad’s apartment building, which was fortunately only two stories high. Luckily, it was only a shortfall, and I survived with a couple of sprained ankles and a slight concussion.

My family, who was mostly unaware of my addiction, would later that week convince me to seek treatment. I went to a pain management clinic and a separate addiction treatment center which saved my life.

CBD For Opioid Withdrawals & Pain Management

Nothing pales in comparison to the pain of opioid withdrawal. Take the six years of throbbing shoulder agony and condense it down into a sweating, fiendish rage. I felt like a fish laid out on hot blacktop, with the only relief coming from a daily, sickly sweet dose of methadone.

After the worst had past, I was introduced through one of the nurses about CBD. She told me all about it and how it can take the edge off of chronic pain and withdrawals.

Learning About The Benefits of CBD

Physical therapy had helped tremendously but it wasn’t until my favorite nurse recommended CBD Oil concentrates.

“We can’t formally prescribe this,” said the nurse “but it was an absolute lifesaver for me when I hurt my back a few years ago. I now take CBD every day.”

Later that day I ordered my first CBD product, I bought a few different products, and within a couple of days my package arrived. And by God’s grace, after a few days taking the CBD regularly, I felt a million times better.

I noticed a difference within the first 30 minutes, there was a slight relaxed feeling and that edge was taken off. However, it wasn’t until a few days later that I noticed the biggest differences.  I no longer craved opioids like I once did, and I noticed a balanced feeling coming from within. I felt like my old self, most noteworthy, I felt like I did before my accident.

CBD Saved Me From Addiction

I felt pretty good after kicking the opiates. Proud, mostly, I had endured this pain and lived, however, I knew I had a long way to go and would likely spend the rest of my life desiring oxycontin.

CBD helped mitigate my pain tremendously and even helped me deal with the opioid withdrawal cravings. A ball of light had been placed back inside my heart, a light that had been long snuffed out. A zest and vitality came over me that I hadn’t known since my early years of college football. I had my life back.

It’s been two years since the jump. I work hard every day to be healthy and I still attend narcotics anonymous meetings weekly. Attending physical therapy three times a week and eating healthy has also helped tremendously. I also exercise every day and avoid activities that might re-injure my shoulder.

Most importantly, Twice a day I take CBD Oil Concentrate, the Gold Label is the strongest, which is my personal favorite (I’ve grown to really enjoy the flowery, almost buttery taste). 

Happy Ending

Last year, I started my first year as a high school science teacher. I was even an assistant offensive line coach for a promising team with a lot of heart. Every morning I wake up knowing that I am living my best life.

CBD oil gave me a second chance at this life. Every day I am thankful to be alive.

Who We Are

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