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Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Gummies Review

*Updated July 2019*

Sweet and effective: these words might begin to describe the CBD gummies by Tasty Hemp Oil, but the proof is in the product. Each gummy chew contains a generous amount of high-quality hemp-based, all-natural cannabidiol (CBD). These gummies are a safe and natural supplement (even at higher servings) and are legal to purchase, carry, and consume in all 50 states.

If you have never consumed CBD edibles, these gummies are a great place to start. Other comparable products only contain a fraction of CBD for around the same price. Tasty Hemp Oil CBD gummies are not only a high-quality option but a great value, too!

CBD Gummies: An Overview

THO Gummies TableIf you want to maximize the benefits of cannabidiol in a stress-free way, Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Gummies are one of your best options. There are many measurable health benefits to starting a daily regimen of CBD along with traditional medicines and supplements.

CBD is rapidly gaining recognition as a viable alternative treatment for many ailments. It benefits the body in a number of ways with minimal side effects and zero risks to one’s overall health and well-being. CBD is not habit-forming and works in both small and large servings depending on the user and its application.

It is important to understand that CBD does not offer “miracle cures” and should never be used as a replacement for traditional medicines or treatments as prescribed by a physician. CBD should be considered a supplemental and holistic option to help treat various symptoms, ailments, and conditions.

Why Use CBD Edibles?

The popularity of CBD edibles is on the rise. They are easy to take and are very discreet, allowing you to take them anywhere without worry. Hemp-based CBD products are also much more economical than those derived from other forms of cannabis. They also don’t contain the psychoactive component of cannabis (THC). Moreover, CBD edibles taste good, which makes them easy and pleasant enough to use consistently.

Many people find it easier to remember to take CBD edibles than they do traditional prescription drugs. In fact, adding CBD to a daily prescription or supplement regimen can make it easier to remember to take all of your medication every day. The addition of a CBD-based edible like Tasty Hemp Oil CBD gummies can help you medicate more consistently overall and aid in better overall health and wellness.

Common Effects

CBD is one of a large family of compounds found in cannabis called cannabinoids. Science has discovered the existence of the endocannabinoid system within the human body that responds to and carries signals throughout the body generated by the consumption of cannabinoids like CBD.

CBD is unique in that it does not produce the same kind of euphoric effect as the more prominent cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The latter is the chemical component of cannabis most readily associated with getting “high”. You won’t experience that kind of high with CBD, but many users report specific effects such as:

  • Elevated mood and awareness
  • Sharper focus and attention
  • Bursts of energy and motivation
  • Decreases in symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Decreases in inflammation
  • General pain relief

Some users liken the effects of CBD to be much like those derived from Ginseng and Gingko Biloba. Others report a milder, soothing effect more like Seratonin. The effect CBD has on you may be similar to one of those or could produce a different effect entirely. It all depends on how you use it, how much you take, and how often you consume it.

Few users ever report unpleasant effects and there are no measurable side effects from CBD. There are also no known interactions between CBD and traditional prescription drugs.

It is important to understand that every body is different and that individual results with any CBD product will vary. There are no known negative side-effects with CBD and it is impossible to overdose on it. The key function of CBD is to assist the body its own native endocannabinoids more efficiently and effectively. It does so by activating or inhibiting other compounds within the endocannabinoid system.

Serving Size

THO CBD Gummies LeafThe serving size of CBD edibles is unique to every user. How much you consume depends on the intended result. If one 25mg gummy fails to produce the desired effect, it is perfectly safe – and encouraged – to increase your serving until the desired effect has been achieved. Those who use CBD for applications like increased clarity or relaxation might need less than someone taking CBD for chronic pain. CBD can produce good results for both, but will almost always require different servings to produce the desired effect(s).

It is recommended that users who are new to consuming CBD should start off with a low amount (one gummy or less) and gradually increase their serving until the desired effect has been achieved. It can take time for your body to start recognizing and utilizing CBD, so regular use over the course of a few weeks is recommended.

Taking CBD will always work best if you are using it consistently, so add these gummies to your daily supplement and medication routine. Doing so will provide a better gauge of the overall effectiveness of the medicine.

Are CBD Gummies Safe For Children?

While there are no known cases of lethal overdose of any cannabinoid, CBD is a health supplement and should be kept out of reach of children. Before providing CBD to a child, it is strongly recommended that parents consult with a pediatrician or other medical professional before beginning a CBD regimen, regardless of the application. Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Gummies are packed in child-proof containers to limit access to the medicine by children.

Immediate and Delayed Effects

While some users report noticing the effects of CBD almost immediately, it is not uncommon to not experience any changes in symptoms until an ample store of CBD builds up in the body. It is recommended that you continue taking Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Gummies at least until the entire bottle has been consumed before passing judgment on the overall effectiveness of the medicine.

Usage Recommendations

The suggested serving size of Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Gummies is 1-2 pieces per day. Taking more or less at a time is perfectly safe. For best results, it is recommended to take each serving at the same time every day with or without food. This ensures a steady and consistent availability of CBD to the endocannabinoid system. Once absorbed, CBD interacts with the body’s natural cannabinoid receptors, regulating a broad range of body functions.

Cannabinoid receptors are found in the cells of the immune system and central nervous system. Upon activation, these receptors stimulate chemical responses designed to regulate and maintain balance within all of the body’s systems (pulmonary, endocrine, etc.). A healthy endocannabinoid system controls and regulates functions like sleep, appetite, mood, and responses to pain or immune functions.

Three Great Flavors

Each bottle of Tasty Hemp Oil CBD gummies contains an assortment of three delicious flavors: orange, lemon, and cherry. The flavor is pleasant and sweet. Unlike other plant-based CBD products, these gummies do not have the sharp aftertaste like most cannabis-based edibles. They also don’t give off a prominent medicinal aftertaste like many comparable products. The smooth, sweet flavor of these CBD-based treats makes consuming them both easy and pleasant.

High-Quality Ingredients

The ingredients that go into making supplements matter. This is why Tasty Hemp Oil CBD gummies are made from all-natural, organic ingredients including:

  • Organic Evaporated Cane Juice
  • Organic White Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Organic Corn Syrup
  • Pectin Sodium Citrate
  • Citric and Ascorbic Acids
  • Natural Flavors and Colors (including Tumeric, Anatto, and assorted fruit juice concentrates)

Superior Value

At 25mg per serving, Tasty Hemp Oil CBD gummies provide a high concentration of CBD at a great price. Average CBD concentrations in gummy edibles are between 5 and 10mg per piece and often do not contain the same quality ingredients as Tasty Hemp.

Before opting for a lower-priced alternative, we recommend comparing per-piece servings and other ingredients and compare them to Tasty Hemp Oil. We think you will agree that you get more CBD and a better overall product with these gummies than with most competing products at a competitive price.

Vital Specs

Every bottle of Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Gummies includes all of the following:

  • 40 pieces per bottle
  • 25mg of all-natural, hemp-derived CBD per piece (1,000mg CBD total per bottle)
  • Mixed fruit flavors
  • Legal in all 50 states
  • Easy to consume
  • Ships anywhere in the U.S.

Try Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Gummies Today

If you have tried other CBD edible supplements in the past, we encourage you to try Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Gummies. We believe you will notice a marked difference in the overall flavor and effectiveness of the product when compared to much lower-dosed, lower-quality alternatives.

Don’t look at price as your primary consideration. Thoroughly research any CBD-based product before buying to ensure that the quality and quantity of the medicine will have the best possible chance of yielding the result(s) you desire.


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The products at Trusted CBD Oil are carefully selected and we carry only the best CBD products on the market. We ensure each high-quality product is tested to contain what is on the label. It is our goal to offer the best information and the best CBD products available.

We are so confident you will love our selection of high quality CBD oil. We offer a risk free money back guarantee. So you can try any of our products, if you don’t like them, or the CBD simply doesn’t work for you. Let us know and we will give you a full refund.