CBD Hemp Oil Concentrates Review and Coupon


Testimonial: CBD Hemp ConcentratesMy name is Greg and I’m a typical married man in his twenties. I have been diagnosed with several common mental illnesses, including generalized anxiety disorder and clinical depression. The impact of these disorders on my day-to-day life is relatively minuscule.

This wasn’t always the case.

I’ve always been a skeptic of traditional pharmaceuticals meant to treat anxiety and depression. As a young adult, my prescription medications yielded more negative results than positive. The side effects were unpleasant, and my anxiety remained high.

Marijuana helped me medically, but the psychoactive effects of the THC were undesirable. During my research, I stumbled across cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a naturally-occurring chemical compound that is proven to treat a variety of medical issues without the side effects that accompany conventional medication or the “high” you experience with THC.

CBD Hemp ConcentratesTrusted CBD Oil’s proprietary hemp extract has worked wonders for me. One serving twice daily is all I need to help keep my mood balanced.

Proprietary hemp extract is raw hemp CBD oil with no additives. It is often referred to as a CBD concentrates or extracts. Many prefer using hemp concentrates, as they are the strongest CBD products on the market. Trusted CBD Oil’s concentrates come in three varieties: green, blue, and gold.

Hemp concentrates are consumed similarly to other CBD extracts on the market. The oil is stored in a syringe meant for sublingual (under the tongue) use. To use, place one rice-sized drop under the tongue for one to two minutes. Alternatively, you can vape the concentrate. Vaporization has pros and cons; my preferred method is oral ingestion.

Here’s a breakdown of the three concentrate varieties and my thoughts on each.

Green Label Review

Proprietary Hemp Extract Green Label

Proprietary Hemp Extract Green Label

The green label (also known as the raw label) is the rawest form of hemp oil extract. There is no additional heating or filtering applied to it; the oil is simply extracted from the hemp plant and packaged. Since the green label has been minimally processed, it has the highest nutrient profile.

The green label includes all of the available plant components including various cannabinoids and terpenes. Most significantly, the green label contains 15 percent CBD/CBDa. This means each serving contains roughly 2.5mg of CBD and 2.5mg of CBDa.

CBDa is a cannabinoid that may provide therapeutic benefit. The research is still in the early stages, but CBDa seems to work in the body differently than CBD. Research shows the combination of these compounds may be more beneficial than taking CBD alone.

My experience with this product has been phenomenal. The taste, like all pure CBD oil, is distinctly “hempy.” The taste is not intolerable, although it isn’t enjoyable for me either. I have met people who find the taste of hemp pleasurable. The taste of the green label, in particular, is quite mild, comparatively speaking.

The price of this extract is reasonable, coming in at $31.99 for one gram of oil. One gram of the green label oil tends to last me about a month of daily usage.

For me, the green label has anti-anxiety and stress-relief properties. Within twenty minutes of taking the green label, I feel a significant calming effect. The difference between not taking CBD and taking CBD is night and day; it’s as if a weight has been lifted and replaced with a pleasurable, relaxed mindset.

My routine generally consists of one serving of hemp oil in the morning and one serving before bed at night. CBD is known to help with sleep, which was something I needed. Before this product, I dreaded the night time. Falling asleep was difficult for me and every night felt like an endless marathon. Thanks to the convenient sublingual delivery system of these concentrates, the dosing process is a breeze, even at the end of an exhausting day.

The green label is my wife’s favorite CBD oil. She is sensitive to taste, so the mild nature of the green label is perfect for her. She uses the green label twice per day and within ten minutes always reports the “edge being taken off.”

Blue Label Review

Proprietary Hemp Extract Blue Label

Proprietary Hemp Extract Blue Label

The blue label is the most popular CBD concentrate on the market and my personal preference. I’ve been using the blue label as my daily driver for some time now, and I only have positive things to report.

Unlike the green label, the blue label does not contain an even ratio of CBDa and CBD. The blue label oil has been decarboxylated (heated), which turns the CBDa to CBD. It comes in at $24.99 per gram of oil, making it the least expensive of the three concentrates offered by Trusted CBD Oil.

The strong “hempy” taste of the blue label is more noticeable than the green label, but I became used to it after a few days. The effects are similar to the green label, as they both share a CBD strength of 15 percent. Each serving of the blue label contains roughly 5 mg of CBD (compared to the green label’s 2.5mg split of CBDa and CBD).

As mentioned before, I use the blue label twice per day, sometimes more. It’s important to space out your doses throughout the day; for example, I take a serving once in the morning and once at night.

When I was going through nicotine withdrawal after quitting cigarettes and vaping, the blue label was a lifesaver. The withdrawals I was experiencing were quite intense; I was experiencing frequent bouts of nausea, disgruntling IBS symptoms, extreme anxiety, and irritability. The emergency clinic I went to prescribed me anti-nausea medication given to those going through chemotherapy. Even after taking the pills as prescribed every day, I was still throwing up regularly. It was unbearable.

The introduction of CBD changed how I was feeling and how I was able to function immensely.

My wife noticed an improvement immediately, both in my everyday mood and physical symptoms. I was no longer anxious to the point of sweating through multiple shirts per day, nor was I taking frequent trips to the bathroom when nausea came calling. CBD alleviated the withdrawal symptoms significantly, which I’m thankful for. Now, whenever I get nauseous, I take a small dose of CBD oil. The blue label never fails when I’m looking for relief.

When the withdrawal period came to an end, I continued to medicate every day with this oil. With the blue label, I’m a less stressed, more productive person with an improved personality.

My father actively suffered from a bevy of medical issues, for which he was prescribed a mountain of pharmaceuticals. The side effects brought him great discomfort and the lack of improvement in his condition was disheartening. After seeing him go through that vicious cycle most of my life, I appreciate CBD all the more. It’s something I can take and not have to worry about unhealthy chemicals and ineffective medications with nasty side effects.

Gold Label Review

Proprietary Hemp Extract Gold Label

Proprietary Hemp Extract Gold Label

Clinical depression hasn’t inhibited my life as much as my anxiety, but it still requires treatment. Trusted CBD Oil’s Gold Label concentrate is my go-to for mood elevation.

The gold label has a CBD concentration of 25 percent, making it one of the most potent extracts on the market. One gram of the green or blue labels tends to last me almost a month; I’ve found the gold label to last longer because of the increased effects. The gold label costs around $31.99 for a gram of premium CBD oil.

The gold label is like the blue label in that the oil has been decarboxylated to turn the CBDa into CBD, gold label has also been filtered. There is no extra plant material in the oil post-filtration, making the Gold Label the most potent and pure oil available from Trusted CBD Oil.

Sometimes, a bad mood will creep up on me in the middle of the day for no good reason. The strong and pure gold label oil relaxes me within minutes. Once again, the difference is like night and day. It provides me with uplifting, euphoric effects that combat my depressed mood. It’s not too often that this happens, but when depression rears its ugly head, the gold label CBD oil is there to relax me and take the edge off.

Another characteristic of CBD oil is the ability to stimulate one’s appetite. Anxiety and panic attacks constrain my ability to eat pointedly. The lack of protein only exacerbates how bad I feel. During a particularly stressful time without CBD, it’s almost impossible for me to down any food. Anxiety-induced nausea takes over and makes the situation a lot worse. Thankfully, CBD oil helps tremendously.

After a long day, my wife and I want a nice way to wind down and relax. Trusted CBD Oil’s Gold Label gives us a healthy way to do just that. After dinner, we’ll take a dose that contains roughly 8mg of pure CBD and begin to feel the mild sedative effect while entering a relaxed state.

CBD oil has made a tremendous difference in my life and I suggest Trusted CBD Oil’s proprietary hemp oil to anyone who asks. Each concentrate is beneficial for different circumstances and I’m so glad to have found a natural alternative for my depression and anxiety.

Proprietary Hemp Extract (PHE) Coupon

If you’re thinking about trying a CBD concentrate yourself, keep this code handy. Without further ado, use code PHE10 to get 10% off the Green, Blue and Gold CBD concentrates.