cbd oil for dogs

Our furry family members deal with more daily stress and pains than we often notice.

No, not that one.

We’re talking, of course, about man’s best friend.


Why Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

You can see the stress in your dog’s eyes when you leave for work, or when you return to a chewed cage and damaged furniture. You see them scurry across the floor to hide during holiday fireworks. Some pet owners chalk this up to their pup’s personality, but maybe there’s more to it.

Anxiety was the number one reason pet owners purchased CBD in 2017, according to our experiences with customers over this past year.

Loud noises naturally trigger the body’s nervous system —in humans and dogs— just like any survival instinct. For instance, my daily commute down Chicago Drive is alongside a gently used railroad track.

Approximately once a month, my lip sync routine turns into a theatrical shriek as my heart rate puts workouts across America to shame. If a train that I can perfectly see coming, and sometimes even prepare for, can frighten me with a 125 psi horn blast —I can only imagine what it’s like for dogs with enhanced sensitivity to loud noises and zero understanding of why these noises happen.

While you might not be able to rid your dog completely of this triggered anxiety, you can help them keep their cool in a natural way. We’ll talk about that shortly, once we get into the incredible workings of the Endocannabinoid System.

Another common reason people use CBD pet treats and recommended vet CBD oil is for this compound’s incredible anti-inflammatory properties. When it comes to muscle, hip and joint pain, the list of pharmaceutical options is pretty impressive. Or scary, depending on how you look at it.

The side effects of many of those options are not to be taken lightly.

As a society, we’re becoming increasingly mindful of what we put into our bodies.


That’s why CBD has been legalized in many states for specific medical conditions. If a solution exists that toutes zero negative side effects, but an increasing count of benefits —who can blame people for fighting to legalize CBD on a more wide-spread level?

CBD oil, which comes from the cannabis (in our case, hemp) plant has downright incredible benefits. Researchers have studied it for inflammation, seizures, cancer, arthritis, and anxiety, among many other areas.

Recently, the Colorado University Veterinary Teaching Hospital began a study on CBD oil for dog seizures and osteoporosis.


How CBD Affects Dogs

You have more in common with your dog than you might’ve realized.

Our Endocannabinoid System helps regulate many processes, keeping our bodies neutral and balanced. We know what it looks like when the ECS is unbalanced in our bodies, or in our dog’s body.

Hold onto your seats, here’s why CBD is the best way to support the ECS…and how it works.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural chemical compound known as a cannabinoid. More than 80 different cannabinoids have been discovered, and there’s undoubtedly more to find.

Now, cannabinoids aren’t only found in cannabis. Sure, they’re named after “cannabis” because THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) was the very first cannabinoid discovered.

That discovery was not very long ago. 1964 to be precise.

Without any outside help, the body naturally produces a cannabinoid called “anandamide.”

Technically, cannabinoids found in plants are called phytocannabinoids, and cannabinoids produced within the body are endocannabinoids. But it’s already difficult enough to say “cannabinoid,” so we like to keep things simple.

Your body makes anandamide to support the ECS.

This was my personal “a-hah!” moment when first learning about hemp oil. No wonder it has such a powerful effect on the body —it’s literally designed to need cannabinoids.

cbd oil vet doctor

With all the buzz about CBD, you’ve likely asked yourself at some point, “Why aren’t doctors or veterinarians talking about CBD?!”

It’s too new.

Oh, and it may be interesting to note that a natural substance can’t be patented, which isn’t great news for drug companies.

Large clinical research is needed before we see certain people getting on board.

Is CBD Oil Legal for Dogs?

We mentioned that some states have legalized CBD for specific reasons, like treatment-resistant epilepsy, but don’t let that frighten you. We meant domestic CBD oil, as in, from cannabis plants grown in the United States.

However, thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp oil can be imported into the U.S. and made into nutritional supplements legally. So you can actually already get CBD oil for dogs. Finding this in stores is…well, pretty much unheard of except in some tiny health food stores. The best way to get hemp dog food or other CBD supplements for your dog is by ordering online from a trusted retailer.

Check that the CBD hemp oil comes from European hemp, not Chinese. If you want to take a further precautionary step to make sure your pet gets the very best CBD product possible, you can request a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the seller. This lab report (usually performed by a 3rd party, which is awesome) will display how much CBD is in the product.


CBD Serving Size for Dogs

How much CBD oil should I give my dog now that I’ve picked out a hemp product? Is there such things as giving them too much CBD?

Every dog is different, some need more and others need less. It’s not always about weight, so there’s usually a few weeks of experimenting needed to really nail down how much CBD you should give your dog.

It’s generally a good rule of thumb to start off small and work your way up. The good news is that most CBD oil supplements for dogs have a suggested serving size, usually varied by pet weight. We suggest following that for a week of consistent use, then increase or decrease from there until you find what seems best for your dog.

On a completely anecdotal note, it’s rare to hear anything in the realm of side effects when it comes to CBD, however there are some things to note. If pets take a very large amount of CBD, it seems like they can get very sleepy. Or, if they’re sensitive to oils, we’ve heard of pets getting the runs on high serving sizes. Granted, that’s usually cats, but is still something worth mentioning.

Overall, our dogs are like our children. We’ll do just about anything to keep them healthy, happy and safe. That’s why CBD pet supplements are quickly gaining national attention for their natural wellness support and ever-expanding list of benefits.


Have you tried CBD oil for dogs? What were your experiences? Contact us today, we’d love to hear from you.



Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians. Please talk to your vet about CBD to determine if it’s right for your pet.