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CBD Videos

Cannabis is a rapidly growing topic in today’s world, thanks to the bravery and passion of individuals who have shared their stories.

Of course, let’s also give credit to the scientists who push through obstacles every day so they can research the effects of cannabinoids.

As more CBD educational articles and videos are published, it’s becoming a challenge to weave through it all. What’s actually worth your time to watch? Where are all the hidden gems?

Get ready.

This library of CBD videos contains all of our favorites from the past decade.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta “Weed”

Weed (2013-2015) is a 3-part CNN documentary hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. It’s the absolute #1 must-watch CBD video. Not only is it extremely well made and emotional, it helped ignite a massive increase in cannabis education and acceptance.

CBD Documentary

The Union (2007) is a hemp and CBD documentary that discusses many CBD topics. It’s a must-watch video if you’re interested in the history and propaganda surrounding cannabis.

This documentary is very well done and entertaining.

The Most Powerful Plant on Earth? (2017) is a brief, 10 minute documentary that does a great job covering the misconceptions of cannabis, its history, and many uses.

Joe Rogan on CBD

Joe Rogan & former world kickboxing champion, Joseph Valtellini, discuss using CBD for concussions, inflammation, and depression.

• “One of the big things that has helped me…is the use of CBDs for brain injuries. That’s been incredible for my recovery.” —Valtellini

• “CBD helps a lot of people with inflammation, a lot of people with chronic arthritis. It treats inflammation. Inflammation apparently, you talk to doctors they tell you it’s a huge issue and one of the biggest issues when it comes to diseases, discomfort, and things like arthritis, again. And headaches.” —Rogan
• “If you’re taking an advil or ibuprofen, what you’re taking is something that reduces inflammation. That’s what it’s for. And CBD oil does the same thing but it’s natural, it’s healthy, it’s not bad for you. And it doesn’t get you high, it’s not like it’s going to [mess] you up at work.” —Rogan

Hemp & CBD Science

If you’re new to the topic of hemp, you may soon be overwhelmed with many new terms. This video is quick and to-the-point in answering a pressing question, what is CBD?