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 Inhaling delicious vape clouds has become a popular way to get a daily serving of CBD and Charlotte’s Web Vape Pen used to satisfy that demand.  Ever since the product’s unavailability, users have had to improvise in order to get their fix.


While CBD products run the gamut from topical creams to delectable chocolates, many fans prefer to stick to vaping as their preferred choice of consumption.  After all, nothing comes close to the relaxing effect of taking deep breaths of the cannabinoid that has been credited as an analgesic, anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, as well as anxiolytic.

The good news for CBD enthusiasts is that the vape market now offers an alternative that is superior to CW Botanicals’ Vape Pen; Alternate Vape’s CBD Vape Pen is an all-natural product available in three delicious flavors and offers all the benefits of its discontinued predecessor while possessing 5 times the potency. 

• 5x stronger (250mg CBD vs. 50mg CBD)
• All-natural ingredients
• THC-free

CBD: What It Is And Is Not

CBD, formally known as Cannabidiol, is a natural compound within the Cannabis plant.  One of many cannabinoids found within the plant, CBD is quickly growing in celebrity. While it occurs within the same plant from which we derive marijuana, it certainly is not pot.  CBD is extracted from industrially grown hemp which is especially cultivated to contain high levels of CBD and negligible amounts of THC, the psychoactive key ingredient of marijuana.

CBD Market

Ever since CBD and its benefits have come to the limelight, the market has grown exponentially, offering different CBD products to appeal to a wide spectrum of consumers.  Capsules for health fanatics, tasty treats for four-legged friends, and yummy gummy bears for the kids-at-heart are just a small sample of the extensive selection of CBD offerings.

Consumers’ product preferences tend to depend on symptoms to be resolved; so an athlete with sore muscles may opt for a CBD balm or ointment for local anti-inflammatory and analgesic delivery while a stressed out college student would benefit more from a few CBD concentrated drops strategically placed under the tongue for optimal absorption and stress-relief.


CBD vape products are particularly popular among consumers who wish to amplify CBD’s relaxing effects by combining it with the calm inhalation of vapors.


cw vape oilUnlike drops or capsules which usually are taken once or twice per day, CBD vape pens offer users the option to get their daily allowance in numerous smaller doses dispersed throughout the day. In addition, vaping is a helpful option in the quest to quit smoking. The addition of different flavors makes it a treat for the taste buds as well.


Charlotte’s Web Vape Pen

cw vape penCW’s Vape Pen has been a consumer favorite often used as an alternative to cigarettes and marijuana.  Containing absolutely no tobacco, no nicotine, and no THC, it has provided smokers a non-addictive habit to help them break free from nicotine’s chokehold on their health.  Charlotte Web’s vaporizer also offers consumers a small instrument that easily fits in any purse or pocket and can be discreetly used to unwind throughout the day.

While this vape pen is a high quality product made from naturally derived CBD as well as lab-tested for potency and residual solvents, the manufacturer has discontinued its production in an effort to further improve upon it.


All-Natural Alternative

alternate vape cbdFormer users of the CW Vape Pen can now take advantage of an all-natural replacement product.  Alternate Vape has come out with its own CBD vape pen that is “all that and then some.” Along with all the consumer benefits provided by the former product, Alternate Vape’s vaporizer offers 100% natural ingredients and high CBD potency.


Old versus New

As the proverb goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  When a manufacturer discontinues a product, however, you can rest assured that there is an element worth fixing.  Although Charlotte’s Web CBD vaporizer dispensed a natural cannabinoid offering many healthful benefits, it seems counterproductive that it simultaneously utilized an unnatural ingredient, propylene glycol (PG), as solvent.  It’s like drinking a natural beverage from a toxic cup. The natural element becomes tainted.

alternate vape cbd oilOn the other hand, Alternate Vape’s CBD vaporizer ensures that the virtue of the naturally-derived CBD is not tainted by an unnatural delivery system.  For that reason, Alternate Vape does not use propylene glycol. Instead, its product contains MCT fractionated coconut oil, which is an all natural solvent and has a low smoke point, ideal for vaporization.


Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a synthetic compound used in a variety of foods and pharmaceuticals.  Don’t let its widespread usage convince you that it is not harmful; to the contrary, large doses of PG are, in fact, harmful.  Although it would be extremely difficult to receive an overdose from foods and pharmaceuticals, the substance is only “generally recognized as safe” as a food additive by the FDA.  Its purpose in the food industry is to serve as a solvent, humectant, sweetener, and filler. In CW’s product, PG acts as solvent as well as helps vaporize the CBD oil. There is no information regarding the safety of PG in inhaled form.

Aside from its unknown safety when inhaled, PG is also harmful to the environment.  Its degradation raises biochemical oxygen demand in surface waters, which means that it reduces the oxygen available to aquatic life.


Alternate Vape’s Ingredients

Alternate Vape’s CBD vaporizer is in a class of its own.  The manufacturer of this product maintains the integrity of the vape oil by incorporating only natural ingredients.  From delivery to flavor, the entire composition is extracted right from nature.

There are only three ingredients found in Alternate Vape.

cbd vape terpenes

  1. Coconut oil, a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, acts as solvent as well as vaporizing-agent
  2. Cannabidiol (CBD), the active ingredient, is derived from the industrial hemp plant
  3. Plant terpenes provide three natural flavors, including mint, citrus and kush.  Each flavor is obtained from one (or more) distinct plant terpene(s) extracted from the essential oils of the respective plant(s).  

Put it all together and you get an all natural concoction.  

There is absolutely no propylene glycol to ruin the natural properties of the product.  There is no vegetable glycol (VG) as in similar vape pens. Consumers don’t have to contend with detrimentally addictive nicotine, don’t have to worry about health hazardous tobacco, and don’t have to consider the repercussions of psychotropic THC because none of those is found in Alternate Vape CBD Vape Pen.  


Making the Switch

Now that we have determined that every single ingredient in Alternate Vape’s vaporizer is natural, it is time to consider potency.  Every consumer wants the most bang for the buck. Isn’t it annoying when a product raves about its “star” ingredient only for you to find out that the ingredient is last on a very long list of unknown substances?  It usually means that the product is made of a bunch of chemicals with just a trace amount of that desired ingredient.

Alternate Vape CBD Vape Pen is composed of just three ingredients, all of them natural.  CBD, the coveted ingredient, is second in line and packs a powerful punch. While CW’s vape pen contained only 50mg, Alternate Vape’s version packs a whopping 250mg of CBD per cartridge; that’s five times the potency.

Switching to Alternate Vape’s pre-filled CBD oil is not only going to get you a higher potency of CBD; it tastes and functions better.


Purchase Options

Just like CW offered pre-filled vape pens, Alternate Vape offers ceramic cartridges pre-filled with its 100% natural vape oil.  Newcomers can purchase the Alternate Vape Starter Kit containing a pre-filled case, a battery and a charger. Consumers who already own a vaporizer battery can save money by purchasing only the pre-filled cartridges.  

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