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Welcome to our CBD education section! We’re excited to share with you our knowledge on this amazing plant.

If you’re new to this subject and crave a complete education, we recommend reading these in order.

quick cbd guide essentials

Quick Guide

Are you new to hemp & CBD but don’t want to read through a ton of information? Here’s the quick version.

hemp history

#1 History of Hemp

This is a brief history of hemp, where we’ll talk about the rises and declines of a very misunderstood plant.

Did you know, it used to be illegal for some farmers not to grow hemp?

what are cannabinoids

#2 What is CBD?

Within hemp oil, you’ll find a natural compounds called Cannabidiol (CBD). This compound is non-psychoactive and has been studied for various wellness benefits related to anxiety, inflammation, and so much more.

#3 Hemp, Marijuana, Cannabis?

You’ve likely heard these words before, but do you know the differences? It’s pretty simple once you understand these concepts.

  • Cannabis is a plant genus. Hemp, marijuana, or whatever the kids say these days…you could accurately call any of them “cannabis.”
  • Marijuana contains potent levels of THC, so it causes a “high.”
  • Hemp contains potent levels of CBD and extremely little THC, so it does not cause a “high.”

hemp cbd benefits

#4 Benefits of CBD

CBD has been reported and studied for an increasing list of benefits. The strong antioxidant properties of CBD and unique phytnutrients make it an amazing investment for anyone’s well-being.

hemp terminology

#5 Terminology


What do these words mean?

At some point in our lives, we’re all new to these subjects. Don’t get overwhelmed, there are great resources to learn from, and many great things await your brain!

When you see an unfamiliar word, it’s time to visit our terminology glossary to learn more.

cbd faqs

#5 FAQs

Need a quick answer?

Head over to our FAQs to see if we’ve already answered your question.

best cbd videos cbd documentary

CBD Videos

Sometimes, it’s easier and faster to learn by watching great videos.

If you need a break from reading, checkout our CBD Video page for a library of fantastic resources.