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Endoca Hemp Oil Review

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As more Americans are beginning to take advantage of the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), more companies are trying to find their place in the rapidly growing market. There are a variety of CBD products to choose from, and many of them have attractive packaging with great promises.

So how do you choose which product to use? What matters when it comes to choosing a brand? Whether you are just learning about CBD or have been using it for years, one of the best methods of introducing CBD into your body is with CBD hemp oil drops. In this article, we will be focusing on Endoca Hemp Oil Drops.

Endoca claims to offer “the world’s best hemp CBD oil”. The brand has a great responsibility to live up to their claim. Of course, anytime a brand makes such a statement, it is important to perform the proper research. This will help you to see exactly what you are getting when investing in their product. So, when it comes to their CBD hemp oil drops, does Endoca live up to the standard they have set for themselves?


Introduction to Endoca

Endoca was founded by Henry Vincenty, a world traveler who spent decades seeking out the best holistic and organic medicines and remedies from around the globe. Based in Denmark, Endoca also has a longevity that many American companies simply can not match. Federal laws and regulations in the U.S. have only recently begun to allow the widespread use of hemp and hemp products such as CBD hemp oil drops.

All of Endoca’s products, including the CBD hemp oil drops, are made from 100 percent certified organic hemp plants. They are free of harmful pesticides and herbicides. In addition, all the company’s equipment was built to be environmentally friendly without sacrificing quality.

Endoca is constantly working towards becoming 100% sustainable. Respecting and caring for the environment is of great importance as Endoca aims to be one of the eco-friendliest brands in any industry. Vincenty believes we can thrive without poisoning our bodies.

Endoca’s hemp oil is extracted with a process that does not use any chemicals or solvents, but rather a high-quality CO2. This process ensures that the hemp oil is free of impurities that could affect the taste and overall quality of the product.  A fantastic tasting product and organic cultivation make Endoca a Five Star Approved CBD Oil Brand, among other reasons.


Endoca CBD Hemp Oil Drops

Endoca Hemp Oil Drops RawEndoca Hemp Oil Drops are pure and very high quality. You can select a 10ml bottle of either 300mg or 1,500mg concentration. Both concentrations are also available in a “raw” or standard version formula.

80+ Cannabinoids

Endoca uses the entire hemp plant to produce their hemp oil drops. They refer to it as “whole-plant liquid formulation”. This means that whether you choose the “raw” or the standard version, your hemp oil will contain more than 80 different powerful and effective cannabinoids.

Packed with Nutrients

Endoca uses all-natural ingredients. The primary ingredient is hemp seed oil which is naturally full of beneficial cannabinoids. This includes CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN. The oil also contains omega-3, omega-6, and vitamin E. Other natural molecules are combined with terpenes, alkanes, vitamins, and cannabis plant waxes, and the oil is finished with glycosides, nitrogenous compounds, amino acids, aldehydes, ketones flavonoids, pigments, water, co-nutrients, and co-factors.

This unique combination of components is what makes hemp oil so beneficial. Endoca’s full-spectrum hemp oil is just another example of the company’s effort to offer “the world’s best hemp CBD oil”. While both the “raw” and the standard versions offer beneficial compounds, there is one primary difference between the two.

CBD and CBDa

So, what is the difference between Endoca’s “Raw” and Standard Versions? There are two similar compounds derived from hemp through the extraction process: CBD and CBDa. The “Raw” version of the hemp oil drops contains both compounds, while the standard version only contains CBD.

The standard version of the oil undergoes a process called decarboxylation. This process involves gently heating the oil so that all of the CBDa is converted into CBD. Everyone’s body will react differently to each of the compounds. It is recommended that you experiment with both to find what compounds work best in your system.

Terpene Power

While cannabinoids are the major player when it comes to using hemp oil, they are not the only compounds that can provide amazing benefits. Terpenes also play a large role in how the hemp oil interacts with our body. All plants contain terpenes. These are the compounds responsible for the distinct flavors, aromas, and benefits derived from essential oils.

Endoca includes a variety of terpenes in their hemp oil. Some of the specific terpenes used include limonene, alpha & beta-pinene, linalool, B-caryophyllene, Caryophyllene oxide, Terpinolene, and Humulene.


Benefits of Choosing Endoca
Hemp Oil Drops

Endoca offers a variety when it comes to their Hemp Oil Drops. You have the option to choose the “Raw” version if you find benefit from CBDa. With both 3 percent and 15 percent concentrations available, you are certain to find relief for both minimal and major ailments. One particular benefit of the 15 percent concentration is that you can experience the same wellness benefits with much smaller servings.

Of course, cannabidiol is the most present cannabinoid derived from hemp. Research and studies have shown that cannabidiol influences our endocannabinoid system (ECS). For those who are new to using CBD, or if you have not heard about the ECS, it is essentially a network of receptors called CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are attached to cells throughout your body.

Studies show that cannabinoid receptors influence our immune system, nervous systems, and our brain. It has been discovered that all mammals have these receptors and naturally produce endocannabinoids.

Endoca’s Hemp Oil is derived from quality organic hemp extracts. The purity of their oil offers a powerful and effective serving of cannabinoids. Most of Endoca’s competitors do not offer a potency of 1,500mg. Depending on your needs, you may only need 1-5 drops per day to receive your full serving. This is another great benefit of choosing Endoca.

If you decide to give Endoca Hemp Oil a try, use code TRYENDOCA10 for 10% off.


Using Endoca Hemp Oil Drops

Using a tincture

Introducing CBD and the benefits of hemp into your system does not get much easier than using Endoca Hemp Oil CBD Drops.

Depending on what ailments you are seeking relief from, you may not need the higher 1500mg concentration; however, the servings are much smaller with the higher concentration. One drop of the 1500mg oil is approximately the same as five drops of the 300 mg oil. So, if you are new to using CBD hemp oil drops, you may want to consider starting with the 300 mg concentration until you know how it will affect you.

1-5 Drops Per Day

When implementing CBD hemp oil into your daily routine, the easiest method is to place 1-5 drops of hemp oil below your tongue for about 90 seconds before swallowing. Taking hemp oil this way is one of the fastest ways for the CBD and other cannabinoids to find their way into your system and provide the quickest relief.

If you are already familiar with how CBD interacts with your body, you can go straight for the higher concentration drops. You will just need to use less, so perhaps start with between 1 and 3 drops per serving. Typically, it is convenient to take your CBD oil drops in the morning when you wake up, the middle of the day, or in the evening before bed.

Schedule for CBD Newbies

If you are completely unsure of how and when to take CBD oil, you can always start with a recommended schedule. Endoca recommends starting with 1 drop, 3 times per day the first week, 2 drops, 3 times per day during the second week, and so on, until you find which tier, between 1 and 5 drops, works best for you. You can always adjust your dosing according to your needs.

If you ever feel as though you are not taking enough, or are taking more than enough, you can safely adjust your serving accordingly. CBD has no side effects that can cause an overdose. Everyone’s metabolism is different, so experiment and make the appropriate changes as your needs change.


Conclusion: Endoca Hemp Oil Drops

It is clear that Endoca strives to live up to their claim of supplying “the world’s best hemp CBD oil”. From sustainable production methods to the highest CBD concentration available, Endoca has it covered. Decades of research did not end with the founder, Henry Vincenty. It appears that Endoca will only continue to grow and improve from here. The taste is pure and smooth in both the “Raw” and standard versions. The only task you are left with is finding the right serving for you.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident you will love our selection of high quality CBD oil. We offer a risk free money back guarantee. So you can try any of our products, if you don’t like them, or the CBD simply doesn’t work for you. Let us know and we will give you a full refund.