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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hemp legal?

When properly sourced, hemp oil products are legal in all 50 states per the 2014 Farm Bill. Our products are made with industrial hemp oil, primarily from farms in Kentucky, Colorado or Europe. Rest assured, everything in the Trusted CBD Oil store is properly sourced and lab tested to verify its CBD content.

Will I pass a drug test?

There isn’t a specific standard for testing; most search only for THC, but it’s possible some look for any cannabinoids. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee any specific test results.

To the best of our knowledge, it’s very unlikely to fail a drug test. That’s not to say it can’t happen to you, but it’s unlikely.

If your job is dependent on passing drug tests, we recommend talking to your boss before taking these supplements. It is up to your judgement.

Are medical cannabis and hemp the same thing?

Both hemp and marijuana are types of cannabis. Our products are made with hemp extract, never marijuana.

The difference is that hemp is rich in CBD, and contains 0.3% or less THC (the intoxicating compound). Marijuana is extremely potent in THC, and can have various levels of CBD depending on the strain.

CBD is CBD. Its chemical structure is the same, whether you get it from hemp or marijuana.

With hemp, you can add CBD to your diet without having to be “high.” In fact, CBD is known to counteract the intoxicating effects of THC.

Our products are considered nutritional supplements. They are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

What's the difference between hemp & marijuana?

They’re both cannabis plants —but there are major differences.

Hemp can’t make you “high.”

The reason is very simple. Cannabis plants produce chemical compounds called cannabinoids that interact with our body to support many important functions. In marijuana, the most prevalent cannabinoid is THC.

Of the 85+ cannabinoids researchers have discovered, THC is the only one with that “high” side effect.

Hemp, on the other hand, contains extremely little (<0.3%) THC. The most abundant cannabinoid in hemp is CBD.

Which cannabinoid has medicinal values?

There are over 80 different cannabinoids, the most common being CBD and THC. They both have been studied in depth for various proposed medicinal benefits. We can’t claim any medicinal effects…but the research is at your fingertips. Search online or check out our blog.

What’s the best way to take hemp oil?

This highly depends on personal preference and wellness goals. Head over to our CBD Buyer’s Guide for more details.

What does Full Spectrum Mean?

Full Spectrum Oil (aka Proprietary Hemp Extract) simply means the oil contains the entire plant extract and all of the cannabinoids that are found in the original plant. A non-full spectrum product means the cannabinoids have been removed from the original oil and typically added back into another carrier oil. So CBD is isolated down into a nearly pure product known as CBD isolate. The majority of the products we carry are made with full spectrum oil. We believe the trace amounts of cannabinoids, besides the CBD, along with the terpenes and other natural compounds play a big role within the body. The well-studied entourage effect states that these other compounds can work within the body and have a stronger effect than the compounds do on their own. We believe mother nature knows best.

CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum Oil

CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum oil both have their own benefits. The Full Spectrum oil is closer to eating the plant itself so there is a wide range of nutrients and trace amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and even THC. These nutrients can potentially work together within the body, to provide a synergistic effect, this is known as the entourage effect and has been well studied. The majority of our products are made with full spectrum oil. However, some people, who may have to take strict drug tests, are opting for a CBD isolate product. We completely understand and have a few products that are THC-free. The CBD will still work, it just may take a little bit more CBD to have the same effect.

How does CBD affect my body?

Inside your brain, central and peripheral nervous system, among other areas, you have receptors that specifically work with cannabinoids. Nature designed you this way because your body produces a cannabinoid internally (an endocannabinoid, called anandamide) to support those receptors.

Collectively, these receptors make up what’s called your Endocannabinoid System. It’s responsible for many physiological processes, including mood, memory, inflammation, and more.

Essentially…it keeps your body neutral.

Will I notice the effects of CBD?

Everyone is a little different, but we stress that consuming CBD hemp oil is not like taking a pill for your headache. These are supplements that, when built up in your system, can be a powerful tool for your overall wellness.

However, on an anecdotal level, many people have said CBD makes them feel tired and/or relaxed.

Do you ship discreetly?

Yes, we ship our CBD products discreetly. Your order will be sent out in plain or USPS packaging.

Can CBD make me high?

CBD does not make you high, regardless of how much you consume. If you take an extremely large amount of CBD oil, it’s possible to get a stomach ache (because it’s an oil) or become very tired.

Does CBD give you the munchies?

No, CBD is not known to make you hungry. The cannabinoid THC, which is extremely potent in marijuana, is well-known to have that effect. Our products are made from hemp extract, which contains only trace amounts of THC (if any), so you will not get its intoxicating or ‘munchie’ effects.

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