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Despite the recent devastating effects of Hurricane Irma, Florida has traditionally been and continues to be one the most bountiful states in America in terms of crop production. Yet even with all this agricultural abundance, Florida has yet to legally cultivate marijuana; it remains illegal throughout the state from a recreational standpoint.

Don’t be discouraged! Those interested in medicinal relief have recently been able to legally consume marijuana through the state’s medical marijuana programs which have been active as of 2016. Many people who are seeking physical relief but aren’t interested in marijuana’s psychoactive effects, (getting high) or obtaining a license, are now able to get legal CBD oil in Florida.

Legal CBD in Florida?

CBD (cannabidiol oil) can be extracted from the stalks and stems of hemp plants. Floridians wondering  if CBD is legal in Florida can breathe a sigh of relief. CBD hemp oil is legal in Florida, as well as every other U.S. state, as long as the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content is 0.3 percent or under. This percentage is very small, not nearly enough to cause the “high” like you get with marijuana.

Each state has varying levels of acceptable THC percentages in their respective CBD hemp oils, tallying a mark of the 0.3 percent minimum or above. Florida allows for a 0.5 percent THC level in their CBD oils. CBD hemp oils can be purchased over the counter at various shops across the Nation’s southernmost state or even online through the comfort of your own home.

Because CBD provides therapeutic benefits without intoxicating side effects, it is becoming a very popular choice for people with various health goals. Folks can consume CBD oil products while also staying functional throughout their daily routine.

Thousands of studies point to a long list of CBD’s benefits in humans and other mammals. CBD oil can be ingested in a number of ways, with the most common methods being concentrates, drops and vapes. There are also CBD topicals for targeting specific skin care issues, muscles and joints. 


What to Look For

Keep in mind that while hemp seeds can be a nutritious and healthy snack, they do not contain any CBD. Make sure your hemp products are made with CBD-rich hemp oil from the aerial plant parts.

From an scientific standpoint, hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. A few months after President Obama had signed the 2014 Farm Bill, opening up an avenue towards nationwide hemp research and legalization, the Florida senate passed their own Bill to facilitate hemp research. It has been cultivated and used for thousands of years for clothing, various building materials, paper, and even as a grain crop. Hemp is also known to be fairly easy to grow as it doesn’t require constant watering or attention.

Recently, the University of Florida Board of Trustees has approved Florida’s Institute of Food and Natural and Agricultural Sciences to produce hemp cropping systems. The idea is to set up several different hemp plots in four different locations across the state.

Thirty different states and counting already have their own industrial hemp projects. Florida specifically can really reap these rewards as the state has a distinctive advantage from an agricultural standpoint due to their growing seasons.

While Hemp in Florida is still relatively in its infancy, The University of Florida’s Vice President for Agricultural and Natural Resources believes that in the future, hemp could become a major crop for Florida.

Moving Forward

As the world’s thinking on hemp continues to evolve, new medicinal and agricultural possibilities are beginning to be unlocked. Although still firmly against recreational marijuana, Florida in particular has the ability to cash in on hemp’s various benefits.

Agriculturally, hemp was widely produced across the state until 1957. Now, their residents seem to be finally awakening from Florida’s long hemp slumber, and are beginning to return to their agricultural roots. Research today has the potential to unlock the versatility of what was once called the “standard fiber of the world.”

The various benefits that CBD hemp oil possess are also being discovered throughout Florida and you don’t need a medical marijuana card to partake. CBD hemp oils are legal, safe, effective, and all natural!

How to Buy Legal CBD Oil in Florida

By far the easiest way to get quality CBD hemp oil in Florida is online. Local stores are likely far and few between in your area, so if you choose to buy CBD oil online you’ll save yourself time and hassle. The Trusted CBD Oil store offers a wide variety of great CBD products, from brands that have been around for years. They’re honest, reliable, and have lab tests to guarantee their cannabinoid profiles.

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Buy Wholesale CBD Oil in Florida.

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