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When one thinks of Hawaii, visions of coasts, coconuts, and cool breezes inhabiting a golden island of sunset covered tropical dreaminess, or something like that, is usually what comes to mind. Hawaii has long been one of America’s premier vacation destinations, attracting tourists, surfers, biologists, and unfortunately, perhaps especially recently, volcanologists. In fact, around eight million tourists per year visit Hawaii in search of rest and relaxation.

Most would assume, due the generally relaxed nature of its setting and residents, the Aloha State would also be relaxed when it comes to their marijuana laws. Surprisingly, and disappointingly to some, this isn’t really the case. The truth is that marijuana is still illegal in Hawai from a recreational standpoint. They do have a medical marijuana program. However, it was installed quite recently, in 2015, nearly twenty years after a similar medical marijuana program was initiated in California.


Get Your CBD from Hemp

Hemp doesn’t have quite the stigma that marijuana has across the US, Hawaii included. The state started researching industrial hemp production in the late 90’s. Hemp is the fiber that is taken from Cannabis stem which is often used to create clothing, rope, paper, and many other goods. The production of CBD oil, which has become especially popular through online purchase, can also be extracted through Hemp. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which grows naturally in the stalks, stems and flowers of the plant.

Hemp-derived CBD oil is often wanted by those who are dealing with inflammation and anxiety. An imbalance in those two things can lead to a long list of potential issues. With CBD, there aren’t any intoxicating side effects to worry about. The ingestion of CBD oil through a dropper remains perhaps the most popular way of consumption. While there is no discernible odor to speak of, many people have noted the strong taste that CBD oil has. For those who don’t love the flavor, Hemp based CBD oil can be found in many different forms. These include lotions, creams, vapes, tinctures, patches, concentrates, edibles, and more.

Pets & Humans Take CBD

pets cbdEspecially recently, men and women around the country are now giving CBD hemp oil to their pets. It’s gained popularity as an effective supplement for your furry friends. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system that naturally works with cannabinoids, like CBD. It’s been known to promote less stress, inflammation and anxiety. CBD oil in Hawaii and other states is considered a nutritional supplement, because it’s not approved as having medicinal value. This is despite the fact that the US government has a patent on CBD as a neuroprotectant. Luckily, the wellness properties of CBD hemp oil are being unlocked all across the world, including Hawaii.

Hemp’s Comeback & Legality

Hemp had a similar negative connotation, like that of marijuana, for many decades across the country. However, it has seen a sweeping comeback in recent years. In 2014, President Obama signed a bill which allows for the research of industrial hemp. The potential of hemp, agriculturally speaking, is quite enticing. One acre of hemp is capable of producing four times the amount of paper as as an acre of trees. All the while requiring less water.hemp cbd benefits


Hawaii had been a part of that hemp comeback, yet excitement in the state has decreased recently. Lawmakers in the state have often acted as obstructionists to the plant. Currently, delays from the Department of Agriculture, politics, red tape, and a resulting limited amount of prospective investors has waned the power of Hawaiian Hemp sector. Adding more salt to the wound is the fact that Hawaii is the only state in America where the cultivation of three full crops in a single year is possible due to the tropical climate.

How to Buy CBD Oil in Hawaii

Folks that may be wondering if CBD oil is legal in Hawaii can breathe a sigh of relief. Residents of Hawaii can have access to hemp-derived CBD oil. Hemp is defined as having 0.3% or less THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – the stuff that gets you high), which isn’t nearly enough to have an intoxicating effect. You could consume CBD hemp oil all day and never get stoned. CBD oil is legal in Hawaii and all other US states, as long as it contains 0.3% THC or less. While 0.3% remains the federal maximum, certain state have some wiggle room when it comes to their allowed THC percentage, usually ranging from one to five percent.

While the industrial side of producing hemp may have hit a snag in one of America’s favorite vacation destinations, the residents of Hawaii still have access to CBD. Although one should always consult a medical professional before starting an all natural hemp CBD oil regimen as opposed to more mainstream methods.  Even though the various hemp factories in Hawaii seem stalled for the moment, there are many reputable companies that sell online so you can buy CBD in Hawaii and throughout the nation.

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