koi cbd review

Let’s talk about a brand that you may have spotted advertised around the web: Koi CBD. We are not affiliated with Koi CBD in any way, and we don’t sell their products. Still, we wanted to dig into their pros and cons and offer up comparable alternatives.

About Koi CBD

Koi CBD came to be in 2015 from a reported desire to help people “restore balance” to their lives with authentic, high-quality CBD products. They knew many companies offer products with either no CBD or less than advertised, so they started selling their own CBD oil with “99% pure cannabidiol extracted through pharma grade processes in a cGMP certified facility.” Their CBD oil products are also guaranteed to contain no THC, Hexane, solvents, or pesticides, and to be fully traceable “from the start to the finished product.”

They operate out of Colorado and offer all-natural products, promising, “All of our hemp is grown from a single farm in Colorado to ensure that consistency and quality are the hallmarks of each item and batch we offer.”

Is Koi CBD Full Spectrum?

Koi CBD boasts full spectrum benefits of their CBD oil, but note that some products contain a wider spectrum of cannabinoids than others. For instance, the vape juices do not have as large of a cannabinoid or terpene variety as the Koi Naturals line. The latter uses what Koi calls their “Koi Prizm™ Proprietary CBD Oil Blends”.

What is Full Spectrum?

Full spectrum means that the oil offers all the benefits of the whole plant. This means the naturally variety of cannabinoids (like CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBG, CBN), terpenes and other phytonutrients. It’s commendable that Koi CBD aims for full spectrum, except that they also claim their products don’t contain THC (which is the chemical in the plant that makes you feel “high”).

True full spectrum CBD oil, retaining all the benefits of the whole plant, would have trace amounts of THC (the legal limit for hemp products is 0.3%, which will not get you high). This leads us to believe the products would more accurately be described as broad spectrum CBD oil.

CBD hemp oil without THC means one of two things. Either the product is made with CBD isolate (which is the complete opposite of full spectrum), or the oil has gone through a “de-waxing” process to remove just the THC compounds. Since the lab reports show other cannabinoids are present in their products, it’s most likely they are using a de-waxed CBD oil.

Does it Matter?

Many people want CBD oil with no THC, hoping to enjoy the health benefits of CBD oil with an extra guarantee that they won’t fail a drug test.

Thankfully, Koi CBD does give you access to their lab results so you can see exactly what is in the CBD oil products you are buying from them. This should help you educate yourself on how effective the product may be for addressing your reasons for wanting to use it . You will have to educate yourself on the cannabinoid(s) you need and determine if the product you want to buy contains it and in sufficient amounts.

Review of All Koi CBD Products

Koi CBD offers a wide range of products including oil tinctures, vape oils, vape cartridges, gummies, lotion, and pet products. Below we’ll talk about each one, along with a comparable (or stronger) CBD product so you can see how they stand up to the competition. Use coupon code REVIEWK10 for 10% off any of the Koi CBD alternatives recommended below.

Koi Naturals CBD Tinctures Review

koi cbd naturals tincture review

They sell all-natural CBD oil tinctures in a variety of lovingly created flavors, with 250-1000mg CBD. You can even create a variety pack with flavors of your choosing, whether you want several different ones you like or three of one and the rest in other flavors.

Great Alternatives to Koi Tinctures

Tasty Drops are an extremely popular CBD tincture made from hemp oil, which is naturally low in THC, and c02 extracted, so you get full-spectrum CBD oil that naturally contains less than 0.3% THC with terpenes and phytonutrients. You do not get high from this product, and as the name suggests, their four flavors are better tasting than most tinctures. Just like Koi Naturals, Tasty Drops offers up to 1000mg CBD strengths.

Although Tasty Drops is decent tasting, a lot of people still don’t like it. That’s why we’re excited about the new Made by Hemp Extract, which is another full spectrum CBD oil —and it is delicious. Choose from strawberry creme, mojito lime, or french vanilla. These tinctures also offer 1000mg CBD.


Koi CBD Vape Review

koi cbd vape cartridge review

They also sell vape juices (100-1000mg CBD) and vape cartridges (250-1000mg CBD) to be used alone or mixed with your other vape liquids. These vape juices can also be used as a tincture so you can get more versatility out of them.

Great Alternatives to Koi Cartridges

Alternate Vape’s Pen Starter kit; like Koi CBD, their vape cartridge is free of the potentially harmful chemicals propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) that most people put in their vape cartridges to make more impressive smoke. Alternate Vape cartridges are made with only coconut oil, THC-free CBD oil isolate (not full spectrum), and use terpenes for the flavor. Terpenes are plant molecules that give essential oils their well-known therapeutic benefits. They also happen to be very flavorful, making them an insanely healthy way to flavor a product.


Koi CBD Gummy Reivew

koi cbd gummies reivew

You can also get your dose of CBD oil in a tasty gummy form from Koi CBD. They state that their gummies are made by carefully mixing the CBD oil into the gummy, rather than most companies just spraying it on the outside. We’re not sure if other manufacturers are actually spraying the CBD on top -it seems like that’d make them super sticky and brownish- but we digress. The point they’re making is that the CBD is evenly spread throughout the gummy. Which doesn’t really matter, since you’re probably going to eat the whole gummy at once! You can choose between sweet or sour flavored gummies.

Great Alternative to Koi Gummies

Tasty Hemp Oil Gummies are made from naturally THC-low CBD oil from hemp, and they’re really cute bears in fruity flavors. Don’t let their cuteness fool you, they’re packing a wallop of 25mg of CBD oil, which is 2.5x stronger than Koi’s.


Koi CBD Lotion Review

koi cbd lotion review

For skin conditions you’d like to treat with CBD oil, they have a lavender lotion for hands and body. It’s blended with both organic aloe and coconut extracts for additional moisturizing and contains 200mg of CBD.

Great Alternative to Koi Lotion

Abinoid Botanicals Hemp CBD Moisturizer combines hemp oil with other essential oils to form a lotion that absorbs into your skin without leaving a greasy residue and it comes with a handy pump top.


Koi CBD Pet Products Review

koi cbd pet review

Pets can also enjoy all the benefits of CBD oil with Koi CBD’s soft chews and oil spray, similar to their Koi Naturals line for human. They say it was veterinarian-formulated to give pets nutrition and “restore balance”. Soft chews can be given as treats and oil sprays are added to their food or sprayed in their mouth.

Great Alternative to Koi Pet Products

Purrfurred Pet makes full spectrum CBD oil drops for dogs, and a separate formulation specialized for a cat’s sensitive diet.


All of the products we recommend, unless directly stated otherwise, retain true full spectrum benefits because the manufacturers whose products we sell don’t separate the THC from the hemp plant and use CO2 extraction methods  to preserve as much of the raw, fresh plant matter as possible. It’s sort of like the benefits people tout in cold-pressed technologies in fruit juices.

All products we’ve recommended, or that can be found on our site, are legal in all 50 states under the 2018 Farm Bill.

THC levels in any hemp-derived CBD oil are not in great enough amounts to cause psychoactive side effects, so you won’t get high.


About Trusted CBD Oil

It can be overwhelming how many CBD oil products are available, and all the terminology that goes with it. We all have to do our due diligence to make sure a product is safe, high quality, and truly contains the amount of CBD that the manufacturer advertises.

Selecting a CBD oil product is often confusing. There is so much terminology to learn and so many manufacturers selling low quality or fake CBD products that you need someone experienced to do all the investigating and curating for you so all you have to do is shop.

That’s where we, Trusted CBD Oil, come into the picture. We don’t manufacture anything, what we sell is our expertise in vetting the best CBD products on the market by putting them through rounds of testing, including a cannabinoid profile test from a laboratory. We provide that convenient, safe place to relax and shop, to solve your problems rather than manage a new one.

All of our recommended Koi CBD alternatives are backed by a 30 day money-back policy. We want you to focus on finding a product that works for you, stress free.