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CBD Vape Oils

CBD vape oil is a liquid form of Cannabidiol that can be very potent. Vaping CBD Oil is considered the fastest absorption method to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. It’s a very tasty and relaxing way to get your CBD.

CBD Vape oil juice is heated and inhaled through a vaporizer, which is also sometimes called a vape pen or e-cig. Vaping can be a relaxing act in itself; paired with CBD, it’s a powerful and calming product that many anxiety-prone people love. Nearly all CBD e-liquids are blended with extra terpenes for enhanced benefits and potency. Both CBD and terpenes are natural compounds with a unique array of wellness benefits for the mind and body.

When CBD is vaporized into your lungs, it moves more quickly and efficiently through your body as opposed to being orally ingested. CBD Vape oil is made from non-psychoactive hemp, and contains only trace amounts of THC, which means that hemp-based CBD oil won’t get you high. Some CBD e-liquids (i.e. Alternate Vape) are guaranteed to contain zero THC.

Get started with CBD hemp oil supplements by choosing your preferred brand and potency vape oil below, or learn more about CBD and hemp oil supplements on our cbd education page.

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Showing all 6 results