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CasaLuna: CBD Chocolate Bar (20mg-60mg CBD)

CasaLuna: CBD Chocolate Bar (20mg-60mg CBD)


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This product is being discontinued soon. Checkout the better tasting, stronger Therapeutic CBD Chocolate bars.


Are you looking for a way to break up the monotony of your CBD supplementation? As this niche grows, new and exciting products are hitting the market all the time. None more wonderful than an incredible CasaLuna Chocolate Bar. These hand-made CBD chocolate confections are packed with CBD and other premium ingredients.

I ask you: Is there a better way to get your daily dose of CBD oil then through a simple, organic CBD chocolate bar?

100% Organic CBD Chocolate

CasaLuna offers a vast array of flavors for you to get your CBD each day. These chocolate products are no gimmick. Enjoy a flavorful serving of CBD in each bar. There are 20mg and 60mg CBD potencies available. Most of our customers will eat a few segments of a chocolate bar, wrap it back up and place it in the fridge for later use. This is a great way to get a decent serving size of 3-5mg CBD each day, or more if you choose to eat a larger portion. If you are looking for a large amount of CBD per day, these may not be the most cost efficient for you. CasaLuna offers each potency in a Dark or Milk Chocolate version. This should allow you to meet the needs of your flavor preference.

The purity of CasaLuna chocolate carries over in these CBD Chocolate bars. The same level of simplicity that has given CasaLuna the “Bean to Bar” moniker shows through in these organic CBD chocolate edibles. They are 100% organic and kosher

The flavor from these CBD Chocolate bars comes from the rigorous process of growing, harvesting and processing the cocoa beans.

CBD is the most powerful cannabinoid for overall health and wellness. This is knowledge shared by many in the community. CBD is also not psychoactive and has no negative side effects. You will have nothing to worry about as they are made with properly sourced CBD oil that is legal in all 50 states.

Enjoy Flavor and Discretion

Of course, the most important part of the CasaLuna chocolate bars is that it allows you to get your daily CBD in an easy-to-stick-to chocolate routine. The chocolates are a discreet way to consume and carry your CBD without questions from those around you. There is much to be said about our dissipating privacy. CasaLuna has packaged a little piece of mind in every bar.

The ingredients and potencies available at CasaLuna for their CBD Chocolates are unmatched in the CBD market. These CBD Chocolate bars will quickly become a part of your daily supplement program.

  • Extra-strong 60mg CBD Dark Chocolate
  • Extra-strong 60mg CBD Milk Chocolate
  • 20mg Dark Chocolate*
  • 20mg Milk Chocolate*

*The 20mg sizes have been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience! If you’re looking for a similar potency, we recommend Tasty Cocoas CBD Edible, which is a box containing 4 generous bite-sized CBD chocolates with 10mg CBD each. They’re absolutely delicious.


Another option for these CasaLuna CBD Chocolate bars is to turn them into a distinct reward for your hard work. If you are taking CBD oil daily, you understand the overwhelming benefits. Chances are, this isn’t the only step you are taking to better your health. Fitness and diet are no easy thing to keep in working order , but a little CBD chocolate each day is.

When you have had a solid week, it could do you well to sit down with  a delicious CBD chocolate bar, as a substitution for, say, a daily regimen of using a CBD Tincture. They offer a great option as a reward but are also just a wonderful daily treat to get your CBD.

How Much to Eat?

The beautiful thing about CBD Chocolate is that you do not have to worry about a maximum serving. The chocolate itself would become too filling before you could ever take “too much.” Finding the right amount for you is something you must experiment with. Everybody is different.

If you’re looking to take a small amount of CBD daily, then eat a couple squares of your CasaLuna Chocolate per day. If you are looking to supplement with CBD oil for a serious wellness goal, edibles are not the most cost efficient method; you may want to consider a tincture, concentrate or softgel. CasaLuna CBD Chocolate is a great backup to have for days when you are in a hurry, want to treat yourself, or simply want to add in a tastier CBD supplement.

What’s Inside?

Stem and Stalk Derived Hemp Oil Paste, Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Almonds, Soursop, Monk Fruit Extract Organic Erythritol, Goji Berries, Milk, Maca Powder, Pomegranate, Sea Salt,

At their very core, the CasaLuna chocolate bars are of the premium quality, made with high-quality cocoa beans. Like most foods that are both delicious and great for you, the ingredient list is nice and small.

Inside each CasaLuna CBD chocolate is hemp derived CBD oil ranging from 20mg and 60mg. Along with that, you will find a short, comprehensive list of ingredients used to process the cocoa beans which are painstakingly managed to assure the best quality possible.

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60mg CBD


Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate

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