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Bluebird Botanicals: Hemp Classic (250mg-500mg CBD)

Bluebird Botanicals: Hemp Classic (250mg-500mg CBD)


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CO2 extracted hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil; those are the only ingredients used to create this powerful CBD oil blend. It’s called Hemp Classic because it was the very first CBD tincture formulation created by Bluebird Botanicals. The formulation’s simplicity and perfection are why it remains one of the most trusted tinctures on the market today.

  • 4.2mg CBD per serving
  • 1oz (30ml): 250mg CBD
  • 2oz (60ml): 500mg CBD

Let’s break these numbers down a little, just in case you’re trying to reach a specific amount of daily CBD.

There’s 250mg CBD per ounce. Pretty simple so far. In each ounce, there’s a total of 900 drops with about .28mg CBD per drop.

  • 15 drops (1/2 dropper full) = 4.2mg CBD
  • 30 drops (1 dropper full) = 8.4mg CBD
  • 60 drops (2 dropper fulls) = 16.8mg CBD

The best amount of CBD oil to take can only be determined by you. Everyone has different reasons for using CBD, and our bodies might utilize the CBD a little differently; so you’ll want to experiment to figure out what’s best for you. Start low and work your way up until you find your optimal amount of CBD. No worries about taking too much CBD, your body will simply expell whatever is not needed.

What is Hemp Classic?

What powers Hemp Classic is a compound called cannabidiol, or CBD for short (because cannabidiol is quite a mouthful to say, even in your head.) CBD is naturally found within the hemp plant. Once it enters the bloodstream, this amazing compound interacts with receptors in the body for many effects still being studied. It’s one of the most highly sought after cannabinoids for health purposes, especially because it does not cause any psychotropic effects. Plus, since it’s derived from hemp, it’s legal in the U.S. and many other countries.

While this oil is unflavored, it’s not too hempy tasting. It’s more of a subtle, herbal flavor thanks to the intelligent choice to mix in hemp seed oil. If you didn’t already know, hemp seed oil is a remarkably nutritious oil pressed from seeds of the hemp plant. Within this oil you’ll find essential fatty acids (EFAs) that our bodies need, but are incredibly challenging to find in foods —omega-3 and omega-6.

Why Choose CBD Hemp Classic?

The tincture’s dropper top makes it a cinch to measure precisely the amount of CBD oil you want to take, in a non-messy way. Unlike sprays or concentrates, every serving is accurate to your specifications. Want 4mg CBD? Take half a dropper full. Want 8mg? Take a full dropper. It’s that simple.

  • Full spectrum hemp oil
  • Easy to dispense
  • All natural ingredients
  • Contains omega-3, omega-6, trace vitamins and minerals
  • Supports overall health and wellness
  • Calming

Hemp Classic Instructions and Serving Size

The best way to take Hemp Classic is to squeeze the dropper top, filling it with however much oil you’d like to take. The recommended serving size is 15 drops once or twice per day, but you may safely increase that if needed. Then, dispense the CBD oil underneath your tongue. Let the oil sit there for 1 minute so that it can absorb efficiently into your body. Finally, swallow any remaining oil.

Sublingual tinctures are handy because you don’t taste anything until your 1 minute is up. But even then, if you drink water or juice along with it, the flavor becomes very subdued and just tastes, well…herbal.


Hemp Extract, Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil

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1oz (250mg CBD), 2oz (500mg CBD)

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