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BioCBD Plus: Topical CBD Muscle & Joint Relief 2oz (64mg CBD)

BioCBD Plus: Topical CBD Muscle & Joint Relief 2oz (64mg CBD)


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  • 100% bio-available CBD
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Topical CBD Oil for Muscles & Joints – by BioCBD Plus

Our daily lives put stress on our bodies, not just inside, but on the outside as well. Things like sunburn, aging, and using harsh skincare products. Grab any lotion, serum, or other topical from the grocery store and you’ll find ingredients you’ve literally never heard of before.

With this BioCBD Topical CBD lotion, your skin can finally get the pampering it deserves. A truly healthy, soothing pamper that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed thanks to the natural benefits of CBD, curcumin, white willow bark, ginger, and other plant-based ingredients. There are absolutely zero chemicals or dishonest ingredients in this product. Intense research and care went into crafting this formula so that you can use it with confidence, knowing you’re putting only nature’s ingredients on your skin.

How Much CBD is in a Bottle of BioCBD Plus?

Each bottle is 2oz with precisely 64mg CBD, perfect for anyone looking to improve their skin and soothe muscles & joints from every day inflammation.

What is BioCBD+ Topical CBD, exactly?

BioCBD’s topical CBD oil is a natural skincare product specifically targeted for muscles and joints through powerful ingredients. The main ingredient is hemp-derived CBD. It’s a natural, non-psychotropic chemical compound found in cannabis. To create this legal CBD product, BioCBD uses 100% organic, non-GMO and bioavailable European hemp. Unlike medical marijuana, which is a cousin to the hemp plant, hemp is non-psychotropic. When properly sourced like this Bio CBD topical, it is legal throughout the United States and several other countries.

Go directly to the source of pain with BioCBD’s Muscle and Joint Relief. In addition to the CBD, BioCBD Plus is made with other holistic ingredients that delve deep into muscles and joints.

  • Curcumin is a found in turmeric and, just like CBD, is reported to show anti-inflammatory effects. It’s a powerful skincare ingredient used generously in Asian topical products.
  • White willow bark is used to make many household medicines that you’ve probably used at some point if you had a headache, cramps, or muscle aches.

Together, these ingredients create a CBD topical that’s worthy of your skin.

Why Choose This Topical CBD Lotion?

Made with water soluble CBD and other herbal ingredients, each bottle of BIOCBD Plus is formulated to perfection. No prescription or recommendation is needed to use this natural skincare product. Anyone in the U.S. who wants to support their body in a natural way can order this topical CBD and have it shipped directly to their door.

What makes BioCBD+ special is its bio-availability. Through their use of nanotechnology (doesn’t that sound awesome?), Bio CBD was the first to achieve a water soluble CBD topical. What does this mean for you? Well, as you know, your body is made up mostly of water. Regular CBD oil is not water-soluble, meaning it doesn’t mix with water, but rather sinks to the bottom. It’s still effective for many people, but by utilizing special technology to make this water-soluble CBD, your body should be able to absorb more of the CBD. This means you’re not wasting any of the CBD —as some studies suggest your body only absorbs so much CBD and any excess goes right through you. Keep in mind more research is needed, but the science undeniably makes sense.

At Trusted Hemp, each product is carefully hand-selected by our team. We look for efficacy, potency, cost, and of course, high quality manufacturing. We offer fast shipping on all products, which will ship to you from our facility in Michigan.

How to Use BioCBD Plus+ Topical CBD Oil

Start by cleaning the area you’d like to apply this CBD-rich lotion. We recommend using comfortably warm water and rinsing with soap. This allows for a clean surface for best absorption of BioCBD+.

Apply two pea-size drops of the lotion onto your hand and gently rub it into your skin in a circular motion until the product is absorbed. You can safely use more product if needed; whatever works best for your body.


Hemp Oil, Eucalyptus, Burseraceae, Ginger, Curcumin, White Willow Bark, CBD


Store your topical Bio CBD in a cool, dry place for optimal shelf life (~18 months).

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