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I have been using my cbd in the morning and in the evening. The last few days I have woke up feeling a lot less pain and anxiety than I have for awhile. So the last two days I only vaped it in the evening. I feel a lot better even only doing it that way. So far very good. —Tina

We recieved the order 2 days ago,and my wife started to feel the benefits right away. She feels this product is superior to other cbd products tried before. Your staff bent over backwards to ensure [prompt] delivery as we were to leave town. —Rich

I was surprised at how quick the CBD salve worked. I used it on day 1 and didn’t need to use it again for at least 3 days. It was fantastic to be pain free. I will keep using this CBD salve and will recommend it to others. Keep up the good work. —Linda

The CBD I received is working great. It’s unbelievable the change in how I handle stress, anxiety, everyday issues MUCH calmer when taking a serving in the morning and at night. The syringe and thicker substance is different from other CBD that I’ve taken but if it works what does it matter? —Daniel

thanks a trillion. I’m a incomplete qudrapalegic and have serious chronic and severe pain coming from all ends of my body and the vape eases them quite well. thanks again —Kelly

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with the order for my kitty’s cbd oil! I wish other companies everywhere were as pleasant as you! Keep it up, because I feel that kindness is appreciated anytime or anywhere. —Jill

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