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Wisconsin has often been referred to as “Dairyland” due to the enormous supply of dairy products that the state produces. It rivals much bigger and more populous states in terms of dairy production like California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

But something Wisconsin hasn’t produced much of in recent years, is hemp.

Wisconsin’s Hemp History

Some seventy-five years ago, Wisconsin used to be one of the Nation’s leading hemp growers. Demand for the plant grew sky-high during World War II, often being used to create rope and other building materials. Other uses for the crop include manufacturing plastics, clothing and other fibers, and even fuel.

In the end, it appears that hemp’s nearly identical appearance to marijuana and America’s widespread hunt and elimination of illegal drugs has killed off hemp’s potential. Often times, it takes precise scientific analysis to make an accurate determination between hemp and marijuana plants.

Today, marijuana remains illegal in Wisconsin, even for medical purposes. Although not illegal, hemp remains without an honest home in the state to the dismay of many. However, for the first time in decades, the potential for a hemp renaissance in the state may soon be on the horizon. A farmer in Jefferson County has set her eyes on an empty hay field. Visions of a lively hemp field live in her head, and those visions may soon become a reality.

This is possible due to the 2014 Farm Bill signed into law by President Obama. The farmer hopes to produce enough hemp to add hemp related products to her all natural farm store. She, along with hundreds of other farmers in the state have sought to acquire a license to allow them to grow hemp industrially. Hemp is known to be good for the skin and hair, which should be a good fit for the shampoos. This farmer also plans on selling hemp derived CBD oil.

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. CBD lacks any intoxicating effects, yet many of the healing properties found in marijuana are also associated with CBD. This can allow for a clear, functional, productive, and pain-free day. The all naturally extracted oils can be placed under the tongue with a dropper. In addition, CBD can be ingested through edibles, applied through lotions and oils, and even vaped.

cbd product typesThe medicinal powers of CBD are still being researched, but the early returns are already very promising. CBD has shown to help with anxiety, nausea, inflammation and chronic pain. Research is beginning to lead experts to believe that CBD could also potentially treat patients with seizures, Crohn’s disease, and even certain cancers.

Legal CBD in Wisconsin?

If you’re wondering if CBD oil is legal in Wisconsin, you’re probably not alone. This April, the Department of Justice in Wisconsin began advising local law enforcement to begin cracking down on hemp derived CBD oil and other associated goods. Their statement stated that CBD, with or without THC, was illegal to possess in the state.

CBD products and goods were soon taken off shelves by worried owners in stores across Wisconsin. This statement was quickly proven to be a mistake. The Department of Justice clarified (and essentially tossed out) their original statement by saying that CBD oil was legal in the state.

“CBD is helpful for certain Wisconsinites, and the Legislature has made a policy decision to allow those individuals to have access to CBD,” the DOJ said.

In fact, hemp derived CBD oil is legal in every state across the nation, as long as the states adhere to specific guidelines. CBD hemp oil must contain no more than 0.3 percent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the ingredient that is mostly responsible for psychoactive effects when consuming Cannabis plants. Certain states allow for higher levels of THC, but 0.3% is the most common rule.

To get an idea about just how minuscule that number is, keep in mind that even the least potent batches of marijuana contain at least 5-6 percent THC.

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin, your best bet is probably to order online. There are many popular CBD brands available across the U.S. While it’s possible to find little CBD stores around the country, they’re far and few between.

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